PAA Committee Leaders

(This will be updated as positions are filled and confirmed)

Audit – Darin Cole, Chair; Chapter secretaries; members

Budget/Finance – Jim Lewis, Chair; Bob Ensminger; Matt Hostetter; Gerald Rader; Joel Gavaletz

Bylaws/Constitution – Phil Grosh, Chair 

Conference –  Matt Hostetter, Chair; 2020 PAA Board of Directors; Kim Douglass

  • Advertising – NE Chapter (Terry Von Nieda, chair)
  • Auctioneer of the Year – SE Chapter (Mike Keller, chair)
  • Auctioneer Championship – NW Chapter (Kevin Wheeler, chair)
  • Auxiliary Speaker – Central Auxiliary representative
  • Fun Auction – SW Chapter (Darin Cole, chair)
  • Hall of Fame – Past Hall of Fame members; Jim Lewis, coordinator/secretary
  • Sergeant-at-Arms (includes registration at annual mtg.) – LV Chapter (Lori Zytkowicz, chair)

Education (PAACE) – Charlene Caple, Chair

Grievance – Jeff Pennington

Legislative – Bob Clinton, chair; Members: Michael Dilliard; Sandy Brittingham; Phil Grosh; Nick Kratz; George Michak;  Ad Hoc – 5 PAA officers; PAA PAC Chair (Randy Betton); Keystone PAC Chair (Jan Waltz)

Marketing - Jeff Pennington, Chair; Kim Williams, Patrick Morgan

Member Benefits – Bill Anderson, Jr., Chair

Membership – all chapters

Nominating – Patrick Morgan, Chair (SE)

  • C – Fred Toomey
  • LV – Brent Souder
  • NE – Kim Williams
  • NW – Sherman Hostetter
  • SE – Patrick Morgan, Chair
  • SW – Mike Charnego

PAC - Randy Betton, Chair; Tom Saylor, Treasurer
Members (Directors by default plus additionally assigned by chapters):

  • C – Terry Von Nieda
  • LV – Chris Answini
  • NE – Chuck Kindlimann
  • NW – Kevin Wheeler
  • SE – Mike Keller
  • SW – Darin Cole, Randy Betton
  • Ad Hoc – PAA Officers, Nick Kratz, George Michak
  • Ex-Officio – Robert Clinton, PAA Legislative Committee Chair

Technology – Kim Douglass; Mike Calvert